About Kamasutra (No its not a position guide)

Before we dig deep into the world of Kamasutra, let’s get one thing straight. Kamasutra is about all kinds of pleasures and ‘not’ just about sex. It is not only about the sexual positions that we think. It actually only comprises 20% of the whole Kamasutra. While Kamasutra is about the art of living and loving, maintaining power in marriage, finding the desired partner but also about different facts of sexual intercourse. (Don’t get bored, it contains the positions too!!!)

The author of this book, Vatsyayana Mallanaga, explains that the Kamasutra/sexual act is about pleasure and not about producing children. While there are many studies that show the reality behind Kamasutra, here we will talk about the fun parts of it.

Tells you about the motionless sex

Yes! It’s real. Kamasutra tells you about the intimacy of the near touch, i.e. without penetration. Like when you breathe in sync with your partner, it creates harmony. It further creates a greater sense of arousal which modern sex can not.

The book for females

The book emphasizes more about the pleasures of women. It says that men put female orgasm as a high priority to make women reach the climax before them. Hard isn’t it!

Gives the solution for performance anxiety

Do you have performance anxiety of not getting it right? Well, read the book. It is like a script on how to get it right. It can help you to make your partner horny just with a stare. It’s an adventurous path.

A no-no for everyday

Even if you want to rush to your partner right now, it’s not a quickie. Kamasutra should be done when you have a peaceful time.

The technique of moaning

This is going to blow your mind. Did you know that Kamasutra talks about love noises? These noises were supposed to be made by women only and not men! Also, noises were not made randomly but in specific orders. First was the sound of the quail, then Indian cuckoo, then goose and at last peacock.

That is a lot to take in, isn’t it? But what is she forgets? Well, it had a solution to that too. Just make humming noises.

  • There were bedroom watchers. (readers going crazy here!). Yes, in ancient times, there were bedroom watchers to study sex. It was a real job. The bedroom watcher was supposed to take notes of facial expressions, sounds made, movements, and a lot more. Feels weird? That’s not it folks.

There were musicians behind curtains to play different tones to see how it affects a couple. (Oh my God!!!)

We can say that a horny yet studious engineer wrote it. There was the mind of the engineer that taught what actual pleasure is, what is nature, and the ‘philosophy’ of love. Then there was the horny engineer who taught what triggers desire, what sustains desire, positions, and how to balance energies during intercourse (not just yourself but also your partner! Ooohhh that’s exciting!)

Well if you are horny and nerdy, you will enjoy reading Kamasutra the most. Not just will it make you the best lover but also get to know about the reality of relationships, female pleasure, and get to know the world of intercourse we never knew.

And for now enjoy sensational video of some intro to Kamasutra